To Switzerland and Back

Switzerland Special – Day 3

Lago di Livigno, Lago di Montespluga, St Moritz and three mountain passes - Maloja, Splugen and San Bernardino

The Route

This time it was very tricky as we had more places to visit and several mountain passes to drive through with a lot of border crossing between Italy and Switzerland. A total of 350-400 km for the whole day. Lago di Livigno (point B on the map) was the first one. It was not part of the plan but somehow the navigation decided to lead us there. I don’t regret it as it was a very beautiful place not far from Bormio (our finish point from the previous day). Then the road from Livigno led us through a narrow one lane tunnel to end up on the Ofen Pass. We drove only small part of the pass but it seemed to be great place for spiritual driving in both its directions. Thus we enter Switzerland for first time this day and headed to the famous Swiss resort – St Moritz (point C). Right after we passed the resort we step on Maloja Pass. We didn’t have enough time so we had to drive it down. In the opposite direction it would have been much more fun – the road surface is perfect, there are wide corners, you can drive fast and of course not to forget the astonishing mountain views… Then we entered Italy one more time and after a late lunch at Chiavenna (point D) we headed towards the most dangerous road from the whole trip – Splugen Pass. It was pure adrenalin driving there as the road was very narrow and steep with very tight corners and narrow tunnels for only one car to fit in. The road surface was not very good – there were cracks here and there and the tarmac was a bit rough sometimes. After some pictures session on the top at the stunning views around Lago di Montespluga we got back on the road. San Bernardino Pass was the cherry on top of the cake for this day and our route was leading us down the pass. That is why at Mesocco (point D) we jumped from the main and faster road onto the winding serpentines of San Bernardino pass and drove back to the top of the mountain. Then we got back on the same main road to get faster to the finish point for this day and have some rest and cold beer at Camorino.

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