Stelvio Pass

Switzerland Special - Day 2

The Route

It was pretty straight forward this day. The main and only target was Stelvio Pass which was around 350 km ahead (from Villach). The plan was to arrive there at the late afternoon to avoid most of the traffic (it was Sunday) so that we can enjoy driving the pass as much as we can. It turned out that the road from Villach to Merano was very crowded with lot of traffic we haven’t foreseen… Nevertheless, after some stops here and there for some pictures and refreshments we got to the starting point at around 17:00 which was pretty close to our initial plan. Coming from Ausria we didn’t have much of choice for driving direction so we took it from Trafoi to Bormio. Please keep in mind that Stelvio Pass could be closed during winter season so that google maps may change my route on the map. It turned out that on this side of the mountains there are more turns than the other, no tight tunnels only one car wide and the view was just amazing – the better drive direction in my opinion. Believe me there is nothing more rewarding than the thermal baths in Bormio after some spiritual driving in the mountains!

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