About Me

My name is Vasil Krastev. I live in Bulgaria where I was born. I like photography and traveling a lot. Combine the last two with the beauty of the nature and breath taking views and the result you get will be astonishing! Then I was inspired by several TV series (Top Gear and the like) to visit the best driving roads on the world. They were all driving very beautiful and fast cars on some winding roads surrounded by amazing views of mountains, lakes and seas...
Also as you may already notice I am a big fan of BMW and the M Power division especially. Then when I finally bought my M3 there was nothing that could stop me! The Ultimate Driving Machine they say… And how damn right they were!
So I created this site to share my experience, memories, videos and pictures I take with my friends. I will be very happy if I inspire someone who reads through my blog to go out and do the same thing!

“You can only understand my devotion if you share my passion…”


SONY a6000

18-55mm f3.5-5.6
55-210mm f4.5-6.3
16mm f2.8
35mm f1.8

GoPro Hero4 Black