St Gotthard Smashing the Gas

Sitzerland Special – Day 4

St Gotthard Pass, Furka Pass, Grimsel Pass, Interlaken

The Route

All three mountain passes for today were like one as the end of the first was start for the next and so on. Intentionally we planned less distance for this day (around 200 km) so that we can stop more often for pictures or drive through some places more than once. The journey began from Camorino to Airolo (point B on the map). Of course we avoided the highways as there was nothing interesting on them – we wanted to see the most of the country side. At Airolo we stopped to refill the tanks, install the cameras and smash the gas through St Gotthard Pass. This was the widest mountain pass we have driven in Switzerland so far. There were three lines very often, very wide corners and we were able to drive really fast here. I don’t have to mention that the views were astonishing even more with the black clouds and heavy rain coming from behind. The end of St Gotthard was the start of Furka Pass - the most famous road of them all for the day. This one reminded us a lot to Stelvio as it was narrow, the road surface was not very good sometimes and have very winding serpentines all over the place. The weather was not with us this day though and just after several corners we entered some clouds and very deep fog and could barely see anything… We need to come back here again! When we came down Furka pass it started to rain heavily. That was the point where we entered Grimsel Pass (point C). This was also very promising place for driving we should visit again in better weather. Here the road surface was better and the corners were wider than Furka. I cannot say anything about the views as I didn’t see much because of the weather… After Grimsel we immediately headed towards Interlaken as there was nothing interesting to see in the fog and rain all around us. We arrived very early in the hotel according to our plan but there was nothing to do against the weather.

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