MPower on a Railroad

Switzerland Special – Day 5

Gornergrat, Matterhorn Peak, Mittaltunnel

The Route

The main goal here was not the driving but two of the most famous mountain peaks in Switzerland – Matterhorn and Eiger. Eiger was the closer one but unfortunately the heavy rain in Interlaken forced us to abandon this part of the plan. With full majority we agreed that we should go for Matterhorn and hope for the best. The weather in this direction seemed more promising so we didn’t lose much time and jumped into the cars. Tasch was our final destination (point B on the map). During this drive was probably the biggest and funniest adventure from the whole trip – we mounted the cars on a train to go through a Mittaltunnel which saved us around 70 km. We didn’t expect this and a lot of jokes came after that. From Tasch we had to catch a train to Zermatt as cars were not allowed there. From Zermatt we caught the famous rack railway called Gornergrat Bahn to take us 3100 m above sea level to Gornergrat and Gorger Glacier. This is the closest place to Matterhorn from where you can see the magnificent mountain peak.

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