Hahntennjoch Drive

The first place we went to was the Hahntennjoch mountains pass in Austria, province of Tyrol. We stopped right at the entrance of the passage to mount the action cameras on the cars. Mine GoPro on the front hood, while Tito's Garmin on the trunk lid. That is why he started first. Right after the first corner the slope got very steep, the road surface was perfect and very wide, the tarmac produced high traction and there was almost no traffic. All these factors somehow naturally made the revs’ needle to stay above the 4500 mark. On several spots on the road where we have good visibility ahead the gas pedal met the floor and the shift lights came into play adding even more oil into the fire. This was pure adrenaline and the doze was immense! To complete our nirvana all this happened in the beautiful surroundings of breath taking Alpine views as we remembered them from the pictures on the Switzerland chocolate bars from our childhood. We had in mind though that this was not a race track so we drove carefully. Then we arrived at a village or something more neighborhood like where the road took a steep turn left into very tight corners. There we stopped for a moment and came out of the cars. We should have taken picture at that very moment – it was very funny to look at each other faces grinning from ear to ear. Just glance was enough for both to say simultaneously: “Let’s try again!”. I prepared one very speaking for itself video clip which gives perfect idea what it all was about:

On our way back as we didn’t drive fast to safe and cool the brakes we met a group of around 20 Porsches with German license plates. 100% these petrol-heads came on this road with exactly the same target as ours. On the next drive we changed cars and cameras positions so respectively I started first this time. We enjoyed the drive to the maximum! The mountain pass was like a masterpiece painting and in combination with the ///M Power roaring left us one very pleasant memory! Take a look:

Our Route

The plan was to visit Neuschwanstein Castle before we enter Austria. So we did not have much of a choice - we had to go from Elmen to Imst. Luckily though this turned out to be the better drive side. On the Imst side of the passage the road was very narrow, the tarmac was a bit rough here and there, also there were very tight corners and a lot of traffic... Here is the route:

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