Failure on Susten

Switzerland Special – Day 6

Susten Pass, Klausen Pass, Montafon

The Route

The next in series almost ruined driving plan because of the weather… Today we had 300 km total and two mountain passes. The first was Susten Pass. The road was perfect with great wide turns and excellent traction. The surroundings were very beautiful and green with waterfalls, bridges and rocks around the road – just like a race track from the famous game „Need For Speed”. If it was not raining it would have been utmost pleasure to drive here. When we got almost to the top we were stopped by a sign showing the pass was closed due to excessive snow fall during the night. We had to go all the way down and then as far as Lucern which added almost 100 km to our route. We had more luck on the next one as it was not closed. This was Klausen Pass - another perfect driving spot. Nevertheless, when we passed the top we entered a very deep fog and could not see much of the surrounding us beauty. When the fog finally cleared almost at the end of the pass we stopped for a short picture session. The place was amazing! After that nothing else was left except heading towards Lichtenstein which we only passed through on our way to Gortipohl. This was the final destination for the day. Montafon turned out to be exceptionally beautiful place with very hospitable people and extremely delicious food – absolute must visit!

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